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The MM Harpman pedal was designed to help working harp players solve the problems we face when confronted with an amp that may not be ideal.  Guitar amps often suffer from issues that make them bad for blues harp:  screaming feedback, icepick tone, no break-up, and not enough range in the tone controls to make it sound good for harp.

The MM Harpman is way more than just a feedback solution.  It has controls that allow you to sculpt your amp’s sound:  you can boost or cut Volume, Gain, Treble, and Bass.   It will reduce the feedback, cut the harsh highs, boost the warm lows, and get you closer to that nice break-up point.

These photo to the right shows the settings used in the video above.

Using this pedal you can get decent usable blues harp tone from a bad amp.  It may not get perfect vintage tone from a bad amp, but it will calm the amp enough that you can do your job and play the blues.  You can use the MM Harpman to calm down and warm up nearly any amp, including your good harp amps.

The pedal has all analog circuits and a true bypass design.

$69 is a very nice price point for such a versatile tool for working harp players.  I can think of two feedback pedals that sell for many times as much.  I can think of another that sells for a bit less but all it does is cut your mic volume by a set amount and offers zero adjustments. 

Remember, all amps are different and they all will require a different “dialing in” on the MM Harpman pedal to get to that sweet spot.  There is an easy pattern of adjustments you will need to make while using your ears to fine tune it for whatever amp you are using.  It ain’t “just Plug ‘n’ Play,” but the improved tone is worth it.

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What players are saying about the MM Harpman pedal: 

From Kirk in Oregon:  "Hi Rick, I received my Harpman on Friday and was able to use it that night. It’s going to take me a bit to get it adjusted just right but it worked very well first time out and allowed me to use a Blues Junior that was previously pretty useless. Your service was fantastic and the quality of the product first rate.  Thanks for all your help."

- - - 

From John in St Louis: "Played my 1st gig with the Harpman thru my Fender Blues Deluxe last night. Got exactly what I was hoping for...the rest of the band immediately telling me to turn it down. Always before I was asked to turn it up, and usually couldn't. Thanks!"

- - - -

From Remi in  Quebec City:  "Hi Rick, I ordered the MM Harpman pedal a couple months ago but never had the chance to try it. I finally did last Thursday night and I really like it. I use it with a Fender Tweed Blues Deluxe and a Shure 520DX Green Bullet. It sounds great. Good product, thank you very much!"

- - - -

From David in California:  “Rick, the Harpman pedal is truly amazing. Playing on a small stage with no room for my amp, I plugged my mic with the Harpman into the p.a. and was I surprised. Not only did my tone sound great but turning up the volume with no feedback made it easy to be heard through two loud guitars. What a joy that is! Getting compliments on my playing was wonderful and I felt my playing improved as well.

After having disappointments with other pedals the Harpman simplified everything and allowed me to hookup quickly and concentrate on my playing. I'm going to have a great time with your pedal with future jams and gigs. It also does very well with my Quilter Micropro and volume is no problem. 
I hope other harp players are having the same success with the Harpman. I can't see why not.

Thank you, I'm a very satisfied customer.“

- - - -

From Carsten in Germany: "Hallo Rick , many thanks for the Harpman pedal. It works sensational! The sound on every amp is marvellous! I give any harp players a recommendation for it! Best regards from Carsten"

- - - - 

From Jefferson in San Pedro, CA:  “Rick I gotta tell you I love the Harpman pedal! I used it for the first time tonight at a jam session in a good size hall. It's solved all the issues with my VHT tube combo amp. I also use an analog delay. I find the best setting for Harpman is the treble all the way down, bass up, volume at half and just a touch of gain. It really is a magic device.

It's funny because there was another harmonica player there with a 20 W fender amp. He was having all sorts of feedback problems and eventually just gave up and went back to his guitar. I told him he needed one of these pedals.

Thanks again. Very happy customer.”

- - - -

From Joe in Mass:  "Rick, I have played three gigs since receiving the Harpman pedal and I couldn't be happier. As the rest of the band got louder  through the night, I was able to increase my volume without feedback . These were small gigs on stages with no room where you are forced to stand right in front of your amp. Not ideal for any harp setup. I'm playing through a 2X12 Holland Amp. Anyway just wanted to say thanks."

- - - -

From Mike in SoCal:  "My little MM Harpman gaining some attention round here. Love it. Call it the "Tamer"."

- - - -

From Tim in Belgium:  "Ok I am hooked. I received my Harpman pedal last night, hooked it up to my unfriendly Laney tube amp and boom the tone and volume are near perfect even with the Drive channel on at 8! Deep booming tone.... and the mids!! I have be-bop sax sounds like never before. You're making a lot of harp guys very happy out there, thanks from Belgium."

- - - -

From Charles in New York: "Hey Rick- Just a quick note to let you know I love the Harpman pedal. I have so much more control now over my old Silvertone amp. Her tone is preserved and enhanced with even more juicy fat bottom. The pedal has a permanent spot on my "pedal board" (just delay- lol). No amp can bully me now..."

- - - -

From Danny in Louisville, KY: "Rick, I got the Harpman Friday, Wow is all I can say, it sounds Amazing with the Twin reverb. Lets me get more volume without feedback, great Tone! think of a 85 watt Valco. look out loud guitar players."

- - - - 

From Jake in OH:  "I have my Bassman amp up higher than it has ever gone.  I'm shaking my house!"

- - - -

From John in MN:  "Got the Harpman MM. Yep! It works wonderfully! I tried it with a VHT Special 6 and my reissue Bassman. Both amps sounded fantastic with the pedal. This is a must have for ALL Harp players! Thanks!"

- - - -

From Kenneth in RI:  "After my Fender bassman the MM Harpman is best single piece of gear for harmonica I have ever bought."

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