About Us

Hi, I’m Rick Davis out of Denver, Colorado and Sheridan, Wyoming.  I’m the guy behind the Stage 5 and Memphis Mini amps.  I’ve been modifying amps for blues harp tone for years, and when I finished building the first Memphis Mini amp in 2013 I knew it had to be offered to harp players everywhere.  It absolutely nails the gritty vintage “Chicago” tone, one of the coolest sounds in all of blues music.

I’ve authored the Blues Harp Amps blog online since March of 2008, and it has become an online authority on amp tone.   I served as a consultant to Mission Amps for the design and tone of their excellent vintage-style blues harp amps. My band “The Blues Allstars” hosted the famous Sunday blues jam at Ziggies for more than five years, making it a hotspot for blues harp players and their gear.  I served on the board of directors of the Colorado Blues Society and as president of the Mile High Blues Society in Denver, and now president of the Wyoming Blues & Jazz society.

Over the years I’ve owned, modified, and played many fine vintage tube amps, from my 1947 Gibson BR-6, 1951 Fender Champion 600, 1953 Masco ME-18, 1962 Premier Twin 8, Fender SF Champ and Bassman RI, and many others.  They all had their own unique and beautiful tone, and I learned something from each of them.  It all went into the design and development of the Memphis Mini amp.

Our amps begin their life in a factory in China -- built to our specs -- and are completed here in America with rigorous quality control at every step of the build.  Bruce Collins personally finishes the amps with quality speaker, tubes, and electronics to give it that vintage sound. 

I write all this to let you know we believe in our amps and other gear, and to assure you that you can buy with confidence.  I’m well known in the blues harp community and very active online.  I am an easy person to get ahold of and communicate with.

You can contact me at info@memphisbluesamps.com and I’ll answer your questions best I can.  I will be around both before and after you buy the Memphis Mini gear to help you get the most out of it.  I know you’re gonna love it.

EASY RETURN POLICY:  You may return the amp or pedal within 15 days if you are not satisfied with it.  The item must be in perfect original condition and packed in the original boxes.  Upon receipt and inspection of the returned item we will refund the purchase price.  Sorry, we cannot refund shipping charges.

-Rick Davis
Denver, Colorado
November 21, 2013